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Lakeshore Park Deconstruction

The City of Knoxville contracted NEO Corporation, NEO, in 2014 for the “Deconstruction of the Lakeshore Park Site”. This project consisted of the complete abatement of all asbestos containing materials, disposal of all hazardous materials such as chemicals, bulbs, ballasts, transformers, oils and complete demolition.

Lakeshore Park Hospital Complex had been part of the city’s infrastructure for over 120 years. This facility was operated by the State of Tennessee as a hospital for the mentally ill. There were a total of 20 buildings to be abated and demolished totaling over 400,000 square feet and a 175 foot boiler smoke stack. This project consisted of buildings up to five stories tall.

NEO conducted the abatement, removed and disposed all of the hazardous materials and completed the demolition, grading and grassing of the entire site.

NEO generated over 6.5 million pounds of recyclable materials and approximately one half million pounds of asbestos waste. In addition, NEO disposed of many hazardous PCB transformers, oils, mercury switches, bulbs and ballasts.

This project was a great success due to NEO’s direct involvement with the City of Knoxville, State of Tennessee, OSHA and EPA representatives.

City of Knoxville, Tennessee
Asbestos Abatement & Demolition Project

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